Women can Deliver by Desmond Atanga: Women’s Day Message

‘On International Day for the woman, I am motivated to speak. I acknowledge that I was raised by a woman with much love and care. I have discovered that women have power and they have energy in them. That is why I have joined their struggles; I can feel their plights and I am joining them to make the world a better place for us all. I belong to platforms that promote the welfare of women and girls. As the CEO of Deserve; as a Women Deliver Young Leader; as a Queen’s Young Leader, I have this message for women—that you can deliver. You can deliver not only babies, but you can deliver resilient families, you can deliver great societies. You can groom these babies up to become change agents for our world. I urge you that in all things that you do, do it and do it well! For you are making strides to move our world beyond. I sincerely wish you a fun filled and a happy celebration marking the International Day of the Woman.’

Desmond N. Atanga

CEO of Deserve,

Women Deliver Young Leader and Queen’s Young Leader.

Women’s Day message, 2017

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